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About me

Hello there, my name is Jonathan Michael Lam and am currently 27 years old living in Australia. All this stuff here I do in my free time, just trying to use what God has given me to glorify Him. I know things (films, music, art etc) don't always have to preach the Bible to be glorifying to God (1 Cor 10:31) but it just comes out most of the time :P

I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil and during high school I would always be making animations as well. In fact in grade 9 half of my English book was drawings :D. I also started mixing and playing drums at church around this time.

Most of what I understood of Christianity then was from Christian music, which was the inspiration for a lot of drawings and digital paintings. Coming near the end of high school (2005) I decided to enroll in a university course that I would enjoy the most. A job or career never crossed my mind. I wanted something with drawing or creating comics and a bachelor of animation seemed the closest to it so I went with it.

During that time I learnt about what Christianity is about through Way of the Master, and it made sense! Now to cut to the chase a bit, in 2008 I finished my Bachelor of character animation and started learning guitar. Then started writing and recording songs in 2009 as bad as they were to begin with.

The more you do something the better you get at it, so bad quality doesn't really bother me. I get a real kick out of making bad stuff good anyways.

Oh and if your confused about the tree logo. My last name "Lam" (without a "b") means forrest, so I thought a tree would be appropriate. Also Jesus died on a tree (cross) so I thought it fitting again.

Why I do what I do?

I create Animated films to help people understand Christianity in an entertaining way.

The Songs I make are mainly to remind others and myself about Christian teaching. It's easy to remember words when there is a tune to them. My music style is generally rock with some techno, but that will change over time.

I use to convey Christian messages mainly through still image Art but now days I do it mainly through animated films. There are still times where I create art to convey a Christian message but usually it's to prepare for a film or for enjoyment.

In 2007 I just wanted to see how I would go making comics. Over time I made over 100 of them. But I haven't continued with comics, discontinuing them in 2008.

But all this is only a means to a reality. At the end of the day you choose what you do and knowing the Bible cover to cover means nothing if we're not living right with God.